10 Retro School Supplies From Back In The Day


Do you remember teachers back then saying that in life you wouldn’t always have a calculator in your pocket? Turns out they were wrong – completely wrong. Mobile phone in two words.

Do the kids even pass notes in class or do all the text messages? Should the students of 2022 learn to tell the time on a real clock with hands? Are #2 pencils always needed to take the tests or are all tests in schools done on computers?

Things have certainly changed since I’ve been in school. I had a Trapper Keeper – not a laptop. Going for school supplies in the 1980s meant a trip to KMart — not an electronics store. Now, back-to-school lists include USB drives and hand sanitizer.

Kidding aside, I don’t have kids, so I really don’t know what students need in 2022, but I’m sure they don’t need a protractor. I mean come on, have you ever used a protractor in real life?

Take a look at my list of 10 retro school supplies of the day below. If you have kids, let me know if they actually need or use any of the items I’ve included on my list. I’m curious how much school supplies have changed from 1984 to 2022.

One thing that I hope hasn’t changed is the lunch ladies school pizza. Is it still a thing? If not – it should be.

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10 retro school supplies

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