30 cute back-to-school supplies to stock up for next semester


Ok, so you’ve finally upgraded your school backpack. Now, what about all the cute back-to-school supplies to stash inside? Whether you’re starting a new year with a clean slate or just replacing a few missing essentials before you fly to your study abroad location, there are essential back-to-school supplies you absolutely need. And, if you’re not sure what exactly you need for the upcoming school year, we’ve got you covered.

Below, you’ll find all the basics you need for writing papers and nail art projects – colored pencils, highlighters and composition books – plus colorful and not-so-essentials that will help you stay motivated from the start. beginning of the school year and until the end of the school year. (Shout out to #ProductivityTok!)

Keep scrolling to discover non-negotiable items to throw in your backpack and more offbeat back-to-school supplies that might not even have crossed your mind but will be at the top of your shopping list once you will be done reading. (Pastel keyboards, anyone?)

1. Backpacks

Backpacks are essential for all your needs, so why not choose a cool one? Since we love a pastel moment, the Fjällraven tops the list. (It’s available in just about every color and size you can imagine, including mini!)

2. Pencil cases

Soothing baby llama, anyone? Yoobi might be the cutest pencil case we’ve ever seen, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of Amazon’s bestsellers. If you prefer a more discreet (but equally cute) option, this one from Easthill has plenty of space for pens, pencils, markers, erasers, paper clips and even a small stapler and staples.

Yoobi Fuzzy Llama Pencil Case

3. Ballpoint pens and pencils

Nothing beats writing on paper with a smooth ballpoint pen or a freshly sharpened pencil. These bulk sets will keep you stocked throughout the semester.

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4. Pencil sharpeners

Whoever invented pencil sharpeners with holes for fine and jumbo pencils deserves a medal.

The image may contain: a bottle

Bostitch Office Twist-N-Sharp Manual Pencil Sharpener (3 Pack)

5. Mechanical pencils

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a satisfying click when you see how far the lead can go before it breaks. This set of 26 pencils is such a great deal and comes in great colors.

BIC Xtra-Sparkle mechanical pencil

6. Notebooks

Write down all your thoughts, notes, chores and doodles in these adorable notebooks from the makers of Etsy.

7. Notepads

Taking a studio class for the first time? You will need more than glue sticks and construction paper. You’ll also want to invest in proper art supplies, starting with a proper sketchbook.

8. Highlighters

Raise your hand if you like to highlight and underline everything when you study. If you’re the team colors when it comes to note-taking, these will come in handy (and look great on your desk!)

9. Thumbtacks

Stickers are cute, but have you considered those tiny thumbtacks? They will make you smile every time you see one in the corner of your eye.

10. Folder sets

How cute are these loose-leaf paper folders? If we were to take them out of our backpacks, it would certainly make us smile – even if they contained study material for a chemistry quiz.

11. Planners

Keep your academic and personal life on track with these highly photogenic diaries. Trust us, they are a game changer.

12. Lunch bags

Everyone in the cafeteria will want to know where those super fancy lunch bags and bento boxes come from.

13. Permanent markers

How not to include Sharpies? These permanent markers are a must-have on any back-to-school supply list.

Image may contain: Marker

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

14. Post-its

Make all your memos and study guides entertaining with these adorable sticky notes.

Six Kawaii Pen Station Japan Kawaii Cartoon Character Memos with Mini Clipboard

Courtesy of the brand

Kawaii Pen Station Japan Kawaii Cartoon Character Memo with Mini Clipboard

15. Bleaching

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has these days. Might as well get ready and stock up on some super satisfying Wite-Out tape to hand out.

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16. Tablets

If you don’t want to carry your laptop everywhere you go, a powerful (and fast!) tablet is key. Add this little guy to the Amazon Family Cart, then ask your parents to pick him up when he goes on sale on Amazon Prime Day.

17. Pastel Keyboards

Bluetooth functionality aside, the soothing color alone will inspire you while writing all those college application essays.

18. Stain remover

Stains? What are these? Prepare to be the hero of the group by always having spare Tide To Go pens in your locker.

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen


Aren’t these some of the most beautiful bookmarks you’ve ever seen? If you’re feeling crafty, this could be a fun DIY project with your best friends.

Model hand holding three Foliage on Mars Make your own custom pressed flower bookmarks

Courtesy of the brand

Foliage on Mars Create Your Own Custom Pressed Flower Bookmark

20. Phone case

Your phone case is an extension of your aesthetic, so make it count.

21. Phone Strap

We see many cute mirror snaps in your future.

22. Headphones

TikTok may be raving about AirPods Max, but others are also raving about wired headphones.

23. Hair Accessories

A cute claw clip is basically a complete look!

24. gel pens

This massive set of 120 gel pens has almost every color you could want – the bright hues of these babies are perfect for bullet journaling (or… doodling in class.)

Image may contain: marker and box

25. Filing cabinets

How cute is the ombre fade on this ring binder? The 1″ size is perfect for storing all your notes from a single class.

Image may contain: binder, text, business card, paper and folder

Yoobi Shadow Pink Ring Binder 1″

26. Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle can be a school essential, but it can also be a form of expression. Want to add stickers? Prefer a clean matte finish? And kudos to you if you can get your hands on one of those Stanley thirst quenchers, which are sold out everywhere.

27. Disposable Face Masks

Whether you like cute prints or neutral hues, these celebrity-approved disposable face masks will have you coordinating with your “cut of the day.”

28. Rocketbook

Step up your note-taking game with this smart notebook. The Rocketbook gives you the classic feel of pen and paper, but it’s anything but. Instead, it’s a digital notebook, and any notes you take in it can be downloaded to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, or emailed. The notebook is also eco-friendly since you can wipe down your notes with water each time you’re done.

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Rocketbook smart reusable notebook

29. Hand sanitizer

Keep hand sanitizer in your backpack to sanitize your hands (and those of your friends) when needed. The Touchland Glow Mist smells like a bouquet of roses, but if you’re obsessed with Aesop’s cult hand soap like the rest of TikTok, the brand’s leave-in mist is a close second (and a quarter of the price, might we add.)

30. Period Essentials

You never know when your period will appear sooner or later. These kits are perfect to stash in your locker in case of an emergency and your friends will thank you too.

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