4th graders donate over $400 in school supplies with proceeds from lemonade stand

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Macie Miles and Lauren Olson say they’ll be friends forever. They even have the handshake to prove it.

Recently, the two girls also became business partners.

“We really wanted to do a lemonade stand and we didn’t want to keep the money, so we decided to give it away,” Miles said.

After raising around $350 for an animal rescue, the girls decided to help Project SOS, a Banquet-led mission that supports local college students.

“We were really happy and excited that we got to do a lemonade stand. And then when a group of people came, I felt really good that a group of people were helping support the SOS project and a group of people were helping support the SOS project. ‘other students,’” Olson said.

The girls used the $450 from their second lemonade stand to buy notebooks, pencils and other necessities.

“I think a lot of people thought we were crazy to have a cart full of like 40 supplies of each thing,” Miles said.

Supplies that will help 40 students of all ages.

“It excites me that young people, however young, can have such a great idea and do so well and want to share the fruits of their labor,” said Mary Hays Reichelt, special events coordinator for The Banquet.

Although the girls aren’t planning another sale this year, they want to do it every summer from now on.

“It makes me really happy and I feel like I did something really good to help other people,” Olson said. “And it just makes me feel like there’s a lot of people out there helping people, and it makes me feel like I’m one of them.”

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