9th graders attempt national junior high school exam

Yesterday, all 9th ​​graders across the country took the national junior high school exam, a gateway test for students wishing to advance to high school, and the temptation to use cheat grades is a common problem among students. students who are unsure of their abilities.

Khmer time visited schools holding the exams yesterday and discovered that students were still trying to smuggle in cheat notes.

School administrations go to great lengths to detect cheaters, and the exam must be conducted under strict conditions as cheating is rampant with students taking the test.

Hun Sen Serey Pheap High School Principal Mam Sotheany said that more than 500 students will take the exam during these two days, and some students will try to sneak into the exam hall, but they will never pass.

Before students enter the exam room, there are teachers standing at the entrance who check everyone entering the room ensuring that only authorized exam materials are brought into the room .

“Some students are still trying to sneak in cheating grades, but teachers in classrooms will catch them. The examination framework is very strict to ensure that students have the ability to study in high school,” said he added.

Principal of Chbar Ampov High School Heang Sokheng said, “Some 9th graders treat the exams lightly and are not important like that of the 12th grade national exam, but they are wrong.”

“They behave very carelessly because they don’t study diligently before the exam, thinking that they will pass and the teachers will be less harsh during the exam, but they are wrong,” he said. “Students who attempt to use cheat sheets or consult friends during an exam indicate that they are unable to complete the activity on the exam paper, and the teacher will observe them closely.

He pointed out that there are only 15 students in each class, so supervisors can clearly observe each student. Because the exam is strictly monitored by school officials, “students aren’t even allowed to peek at their friends’ papers let alone peek at a cheat sheet”.

“Students who know they are not ready for the exam can try again next year after repeating the course,” he said.

Ros Sopha, a 14-year-old student, said she was very nervous during the exam but still felt like she did well.

“I don’t sneak into cheat sheets, but the teachers are always watching me to check whether or not I’m looking at my friend’s paper. I am very nervous about failing because even though all the answers have been completed, I don’t know if they are correct or not,” she said.

Another 14-year-old student, Sok Cheatra, said he brought cheat notes into the exam room but didn’t get a chance to remove them because teachers in the room review were vigilant.

“I thought the exam wasn’t as strict as grade 12, so I didn’t study well. I will make sure to improve my abilities and stop bringing cheat sheets to the exam,” he said.

Ministry of Education spokesman Ros Soveacha said the national junior high school exam went very well yesterday, and he urged students to follow the exam rules and guidelines. school regulations.

“The exam has been organized to ensure that students are able to take it to the next level, therefore, students must follow all the rules,” he said, adding that “students must follow the measures of health during the examination”.

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