After-school activities resume and take place in North Texas

COUNTY OF TARRANT (CBSDFW.COM) – Back to school is in full swing and in addition to getting ready for the school day, many parents are thinking about after school plans and how to keep them safe.

It’s time to go for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County with schools in the area about to start, demand for their after school program is high with a concentrated effort to ensure safety from everyone.

Spaces like the location near E. Rosedale Street in Fort Worth help keep more than 30,000 children in Tarrant County busy.

“We are seeing an unprecedented need since COVID,” said Daphne Barlow Stigliano, president and CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County.

Along with growing demand, there is also a need to keep everyone indoors safe.

“Our facilities, all have the ability for families to come in and they can see through the glass, but we just separate the guests, we separate the adults when they come in,” Barlow Stigliano added.

Every employee is screened and goes through a background check. There are also several cameras and tablets on the wall for parents to check in and out of their children.

On Wednesday, staff trained employees before kids rushed to take advantage of after-school programs. It’s a crucial part of making sure everyone is on the same page.

“It’s really important that staff are trained appropriately and that really starts with being able to understand how to handle groups of children by being able to identify and deal with behavior appropriately,” Barlow Stigliano said.

Some of the programs include the growing need for mental health services, “It is important that a child has access to all the resources they need to prepare both inside and outside of the classroom” , added Barlow Stigliano, “We have noticed that more parents are asking for more resources.”

With more families struggling financially, the Boys and Girls Club said it wouldn’t turn anyone away.

To meet all this demand, they are hiring.

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