AG asks GLC to admit 499 students


• 499 students say they are refused admission despite having passed the law school entrance exam

• AG makes suggestions to GLC on how to deal with the situation of affected students

• The students concerned have taken legal action to request their admission.

Attorney General and Minister of Justice Godfred Yeboah Dame has called on the General Legal Council to take action to admit some 499 students, who sat for the 2021 Ghana School of Law entrance exams.

Mr. Dame, in a letter to the GLC, suggested to the Council ways to deal with the situation of aggrieved students.

Among his suggestions, the GA called for students to be admitted to the Ghana School of Law in November or May of next year.

Alternatively, he suggests that arrangements can be made for courses to be organized for the pupils concerned.

“Grant deferred admission to 499 applicants as of May 22. A special arrangement can be made for the first year professional law course by candidates already admitted to run from October 2021 to April 2022. The 499 candidates can start their program from May 2022 and ending in November 2022. Arrangements should be put in place for both groups of applicants to begin their education and be admitted to the bar on a common date within the next two years, ”he said in the letter.

As part of his suggestions contained in the letter dated November 1, 2021, Mr Dame further requested that the GLC also consider hosting a special exam in November for the 499 students to justify their admission.

499 students who sat for the 2021 law school entrance exam petitioned parliament and the presidency saying they were denied admission despite passing the exam.

Parliament, in a unanimous resolution, demanded that aggrieved students be admitted to a professional law course, but the attorney general, in a response, called the directive illegal.

According to the GA, the parliament does not have the capacity to direct the GLC on the admission processes by a resolution.

“While recognizing the general legislative powers of Parliament in Ghana, except within the limits of the Constitution, I am compelled to point out that Parliament is devoid of power through the use of parliamentary resolutions, to control the process of admission to office. Ghana School of Law, ”mentioned a statement from the GA office.

Meanwhile, more than 300 of the affected students are in court seeking admission.


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