AGF to Prosecute Law School Exam Impersonators


The office of the Federation Attorney General and Minister of Justice is set to prosecute two individuals Pascal Aboh (Lawyer) and Idoko Odeh, for impersonation at the Nigerian Law School in Abuja in May 2022.

In a complaint FCT/BW/CR/35/22, which was made available to reporters on Tuesday, Idoko Odeh and Paschal Aboh were listed as the 1st and 2nd accused respectively, with five borderline counts. association of criminals, forgery and identity theft.

Aboh, a suspended law professor at the University of Calabar, has been arrested for allegedly impersonating and retaking an exam for a student at the Nigerian Law School in Abuja.

The law professor was initially believed to have taken the exam from Ms Alami Ayade, the wife of Frank Ayade, a younger brother of Cross River State Governor Professor Ben Ayade, but the act of prosecution revealed that Odeh allegedly conspired with Aboh to forge an identity card which was used to take the exams of an Orekoya Kayode, not Ms. Ayade, according to the indictment.

Ms Ayade had always denied any involvement with the defendants, noting that she had passed her law school exam, which was held in May 2022, from start to finish.

In the indictment filed by the Federation’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr. B. Abubakar, on behalf of the Federation’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, at the Abuja High Court, the defendants were charged with forgery , contrary to article 363 of the penal code and punishable under article 364 of the law.

It read in part as follows: “Pursuant to sections 104 and 379 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015, the first and second accused were allegedly involved in a criminal conspiracy contrary to section 96 of the criminal code and punishable under Section 97 of the Act.

“That you Idoko Odeh, adult male from Bwari Nigerian Law School, Abuja, and Pascal Bekongfe Aboh, 47-year-old adult male, between 9 and 12 May 2022, at a Nigerian law school in Abuja, within the jurisdiction of this honorable court, have conspired, among yourselves, to falsify the identity card of a student of the law school of Nigeria to reflect the name of Orekoya Kayode, but having on it the identity photograph of the lawyer Pascal Bekongfe Aboh, and you have thus committed an offence.

“That you, Idoko Odeh, while a staff member of the ICT Department, Nigerian Law School, falsified an application to retake the Bar Final Examinations of the Council of Legal Education, Nigerian Law School, Campus of Bwari, Abuja, within the jurisdiction of this honorable court.

The hearing in the case is expected to begin in September after the case is handed over to a judge.

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