All primary school students in Lille will benefit from free school supplies


All primary school students in Lille will benefit from free school supplies

Aid initiative takes over French city for second consecutive year

The City of Lille has announced that it will take charge of school supplies free provision for all primary and kindergarten students in its territory. The news is a welcome respite from the backdrop of runaway consumer goods inflation and the back-to-school season fast approaching – September 1 in France.

The aid initiative returns to the city in northern France for the second consecutive year.

Response to a double challenge

The authorities explained that the measure aims to respond to a double challenge: that of social justice and ecological transition.

In terms of social responsibility, it aims to ensure that each child learns in the best conditions. School supplies, which are often excessively expensive and sources of discrimination and inequality within the school itself, are thus entirely covered by the City of Lille.

Families no longer have lists of supplies to buy and only the school bag, the empty pencil case and the diary – all things that children like to choose personally – will remain the responsibility of families.

In Lille, in priority education, the annual allocation per pupil will be 35 euros in kindergarten and 51.50 euros in elementary school. In schools outside the priority education network, the annual allocation per pupil will be 30 euros in kindergarten and 46.50 euros in elementary school.

As for the ecological transition factor, the City encourages teachers to choose supplies with low environmental impact (benefiting from an eco-label) and to develop their sustainable use. For the start of the 2021 school year, 80.45% of the supplies acquired were qualified by the supplier as eco-responsible.

This eco-responsible dynamic has grown over time thanks to the identification of good practices. Follow-up of pilot classes too make students more aware of sustainable developmentand the organization of Repair binders allows you to exchange and repair cases and saddlebags.

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