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LEXINGTON, Ky. – Back-to-school preparations continue for families in Kentucky. But for a Lexington family, a retail store offered a kind gesture during their shopping experience.

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  • Walmart surprised family by paying for school supplies
  • The surprise came when the Wolsings were filming a back-to-school story for Spectrum News 1 KY
  • The Wolsings are grateful for the gesture

Jennifer Wolsing and her son Xavier were shopping for school supplies in Lexington in early August. The duo were playing a game they play every year, guessing how much their total bill would be.

It was then that Walmart manager in Lexington, Allen Dixon, surprised them by paying for their cart full of school supplies.

“Xavier, I think it will be free,” said Allen Dixon, director of Walmart.

“To free?” Xavier said.

“I think it’s free,” Dixon said.

Xavier was preparing to resume in-person learning at public schools in Fayette County when this happened and Jennifer, a single mom, said she appreciated the kind gesture.

“It was amazing. I’m incredibly grateful. I swear I would love to have this manager next year. I thought it was an incredibly generous and kind thing for him and it really made my day,” Wolsing said.

It all happened at Walmart on Nicholasville Road when the family found out the Spectrum News 1 crew was going to film a back-to-school story. That’s when manager Allen Dixon decided he wanted the store to pay for the Wolsing’s supplies.

Students from Fayette County returned to class on August 11. Find more back to school stories in our special section.

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