Best college school supplies 2021: middle and high school

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  • I’m going back to school for my masters and needed to organize my shopping list.
  • I’ve divided my list of college supplies into different categories to create a college starter pack.
  • Want more school supplies? Here are the best school notebooks to buy in 2021.

After graduating during a pandemic and working remotely for a year, I am returning to school as a graduate student in the Information and Systems Management program at UC Berkeley. After postponing a year due to the pandemic, I signed up for my classes, signed a lease, and am almost ready for school.

But, like many other graduate students, I am entering academia after a long absence, and all these new changes at once (like moving to a new city) have made my shopping list very chaotic.

After doing some research and reviewing my school’s requirements, I’ve organized my list into four categories: Academic, Physical Health, Mental Health, and Fun, because succeeding in a graduate program also requires taking care of his mind, his body, and the spirit.

While this shopping list may look different depending on your preferences and schedule, I found that assessing my needs based on these categories helped me figure out what I really needed. Think of it as a graduate student starter pack, to help you find the inspiration you might need to prepare for a rigorous (and exciting!) academic year ahead.

15 college and graduate supplies to buy in 2021:

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