Box of guns accidentally delivered to high school instead of school supplies


A Pennsylvania high school that was expecting a shipment of school supplies received a shipment of firearms instead, local outlet NBC10 reports.

Chester High School in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, was getting things in order for the upcoming school year and in turn expected to receive a shipment of textbooks and other supplies on Friday. Instead, Kevin Thomas, a maintenance worker at the school, said the shipment that arrived was a box of six .30-caliber M1 rifles. FedEx was believed to be responsible for the mix-up.

“When deliveries come in, we check everything,” Thomas told the outlet. “Usually it’s like school supplies. So I don’t think – in history, nothing like this has ever happened. So it must have been a big misunderstanding, a big mistake.

Police were notified and called the delivery an “honest mistake” by FedEx. The delivery driver apparently misread the address and returned to the school on Monday to collect the guns. Parents were told of the bizarre delivery in a letter and lamented the wrong timing of the error, as it came at a time when schools are focused on protecting children from mass shootings.

“We were contacted and followed school protocol and immediately involved the police,” said Chester Upland School District Receiver Nafis Nichols.

Chester Police Commissioner Steven Gretsky said the guns were to be delivered to an auto repair shop in nearby Chester Township to an avid gun collector. No charges will be filed against the collector, who purchased the firearms legally.

“They had the right to buy it, we checked everything out, everything was completely legal – nothing illegal about it,” Gretsky said. “And it was one individual who bought the guns.”

FedEx has been made aware of the situation and said in a statement that it is cooperating with authorities.

“We take this matter very seriously and are cooperating fully with the investigating authorities,” FedEx told NBC10.

Students at Chester High School are due to start their school year on Monday.

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