Business using the grand opening to collect school supplies for schools in Tulsa

On Thursday, a new company takes advantage of its grand opening to help some teachers in Tulsa public schools.

Hop the Griffin is a new pub, brewery and wine bar near 71st and Yale. Customers who bring school supplies to donate can get a free drink.

Steve Griffin’s passion is brewing beer and now he shares that passion with others.

“During the day, two, three times a week, I go to brew. You can eat nachos and watch us brew all of our containers where you can see them. And then we literally do everything in a 30-40 yard area, then transfer and you drink it right here on tap, ”Griffin said.

Griffin is the owner of the new beer bar and wine bar and he runs it with his brother and parents.

He honors his mom’s passion at the opening of Hop the Griffin by offering a free beer in exchange for school supplies.

“So if that just helps get some of those mid-year supplies that they’re running out of, I think that’s a good thing,” Griffin said.

He said a few people brought supplies on Wednesday and he hopes to see more on Thursday because he knows how important notebooks, markers and other school supplies are for teachers.

“My mom was a teacher for 30 years, she was at Edison almost 20. I know a lot of times and, it’s probably common with a lot of teachers, but they pay for school supplies out of pocket. $ 400 – $ 500 per year. They shouldn’t have to do this, ”Griffin said.

School supplies will be donated to Edison Prep.

Griffin hopes to have more supply orders in the future.

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