Cardinals take on Kelvin Beachum surprises valley children with new school supplies

Kelvin showed up at Sun Valley Academy in Phoenix to surprise more than 500 students with backpacks full of school supplies.

PHOENIX – Less than a day after a big win over the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum is back in the valley to tackle a cause close to his heart.

Kelvin showed up at Sun Valley Academy in Phoenix to surprise more than 500 students with backpacks full of school supplies.

“The point is, I gave my word that I was going to be here. I didn’t want to let them down. I told them I was going to be here, ”he said. “I am delighted to be here no matter how I feel right now. These kids just love that they can have a special time like this and receive those special resources again. “

Beachum was on the field in Chicago on Sunday, winning their tenth game. But on Monday, he was back in Phoenix to meet with students and share his message of overcoming adversity and doing humanitarian work.

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Since 2015, Beachum has partnered with the Global Vision of Global Humanitarian Charity to help underserved communities with food and other essential supplies.

“Being able to serve in any capacity is something I’m proud of. And to be able to do it with a worldview, we’ve done it in different ways all over the world and just so that we can do something here in Arizona. This is the first time that we have hosted an event that I could attend here in person, and I am delighted to be working with the worldview today.

Sun Valley founder Dr Tanne Morrison said Kelvin’s visit to the school is life changing for these students.

“It’s an inspiration,” Morrison explained. “It’s showing kids, no matter where you’re from, what your circumstances are, you can dream of. You can achieve. And then her heart for wanting to come back and pour out on the children like that. It’s gonna change someone’s life, guaranteed.

Kelvin hopes the lesson children are learning today is to give back and help others.

“Being able to see the joy in their faces and the joy in their eyes and the joy for some teachers to be able to receive these resources from me is always something I look forward to,” Beachum says.

Kelvin plans to work with the global vision to work locally and around the world to help tackle food and water shortages.

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