Catholic Charities Inc. donates school supplies to Jackson residents

Not all families can afford the compulsory school supplies. This is where Catholic Charities, Inc. steps in to fill the void. Catholic Charities held its second back-to-school supply giveaway in Jackson on Friday.

The event was sponsored by Jackson Hinds Community Center and Catholic Charities.

Event coordinator Rachel Travis said the giveaway came at the right time to provide the community and students with back-to-school supplies.

Here’s what you need to know: Schools are resuming in the Jackson metropolitan area.

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“What better way to spread the love of Christ in such a demanding time as the one we are currently experiencing in the community?” Travis said. “The donated items were donated to Amazon’s charity with donations from last year’s giveaway.

“We provide students and children in the community with paper, folders, pencils, pens, backpacks, binders, notebooks and pencils for the school year. It’s our way of giving back to the community at no cost.”

The event also featured vendors such as SnoBiz, Magnolia Health and Jackson Hinds Community Center, which gave out free COVID-19 vaccines.

Magnolia Health representative Alicen McDonnel said providing back-to-school supplies for the event is important to the community and her organization.

“We have coloring books, backpacks, notebooks, crayons, germ-x, homestay travel books and Medicaid knowledge pamphlets,” McDonnell said. “This event…is a great way to spread positivity in the Jackson community. I…think the word should get out more about getting more kids involved in such a great event.”

Selenia Travis, 35, of Jackson, was one of the volunteers handing out the supplies.

“I’m the domestic violence and sexual assault case manager in Jackson,” Travis said. “This is my second year volunteering for this event. Seeing the success of participation means a lot. We love our community and our kids, that’s why we’re giving away the giveaway for free. Our goal is to give every supplies to anyone who needs help.”

Back-to-school shopping can be tough, especially if you’re shopping on a fixed income.

Janet Brown, 62, of Jackson, said her family needed school supplies now, which is why she came to the event.

“Jackson Schools gives our students a list of requirements for the school year, and I’d like to verify those items,” Brown said. “My income is currently low, but I know my grandchildren need these items. This event is another way for God to give us a way to provide for our children, and I look forward to this event. every year.”

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