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(Shenandoah) – Athletics is just one part of a planned rejuvenation of Shenandoah School District operations.

That’s according to Shenandoah High School Principal Andrew Christensen. Last week, Christensen announced a concerted effort to “reach, revamp and reconnect” after-school programs in the district, involving not only students but also parents, guardians and the community at large. The announcement follows the suspension of Shenandoah High School’s college football season earlier this month due to a shortage of players. Since last Monday’s school board meeting, Christensen told KMA News that the announcement got a great response from the public.

“The community has been very supportive,” Christensen said. “I’ve had many people contact me and ask how they can help – some who want to get involved in youth coaching, and others just curious about how they can help with different fundraisers. and things of that nature. I think it’s created a positive buzz, which is great for our school and our community, and everything we want to accomplish here in Shenandoah. So so far so good.”

However, Christensen points out that the reorganization effort also encompasses the district’s other activities.

“It also touches on building with FFA, with a band, with music, with art, with extracurricular activities and everything that we do here in Shenandoah,” he said. “I really want the community to know that this is not a general plan to improve athletics – again, that’s a big part of it. But it’s a plan to improve, improve and to make Shenandoah schools the best it can be for our students, staff, and everyone else involved.”

Christensen says part of the process involves aligning programs across the district.

“How does the high school orchestra align with middle school through youth?” Christensen said. “And, what are we doing within the community to improve these programs? What are we doing with the music, and how are we aligning from top to bottom? FFA, and how are we involving the college more, and how are we introducing we programs in Ms. Martin’s program, who does an absolutely amazing job with what she does, and we can do it like what we talked about with youth alignment with athletics.

Additionally, Christensen says rubrics — or specific expectations — should be established for each program.

“Pedagogically, we have a lot of rubrics built into our classrooms,” he said. “It goes from high school, through college, all the way up to the university ranks. There’s a rubric, there’s a specific progression plan that you need to have in place to be successful in that class, basically. What we’re going to be doing, it also means creating sections for all our extracurricular activities. »

Christensen says community meeting dates for presentations on future business plans will be announced in the near future.

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