Conway, 7, runs a lemonade stand to help fund school supplies

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – As summer ends, students prepare to go back to school and a 7-year-old in Conway serves lemonade to help fund school supplies.

Amarah Barnette is just a sophomore at Waccamaw Elementary, and people are saying she’s already made her mark on school, but also on Conway.

Barnette wanted to help the students who needed school supplies this year, so she set up a lemonade stand last Saturday with snacks and candy. Her father said she received support from first responders and the mayor.

In just one day, she raised almost $ 500. The money will be used to help fill a closet with clothes, shoes, backpacks and other everyday supplies. Barnette told her dad that she wanted to set up the booth so the other kids weren’t teased for not having the supplies they needed.

“People can get thirsty, so I make a lemonade stand to make a lot of money and buy school supplies for a lot of kids,” Barnette said.

“Amarah not only helps the kids in Waccamaw, but she helps families, helps the community, and she really helps outside of this community,” said Leslie Huggins, principal of Waccamaw Elementary School.

Barnette will also serve lemonade from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday on Sycamore Street in Conway.

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