Cumberland School Department joins Rhode Island Purchasing Group by direct bidnet


Cumberland School Department joins Rhode Island Purchasing Group by direct bidnet

Registered suppliers can access bids, related documents, addenda and award information.

The Cumberland Schools Department announced that it has joined bidnet direct’s Rhode Island buying group and will post and distribute upcoming bidding opportunities on the system. The Rhode Island Purchasing Group connects participating agencies throughout Rhode Island to a large pool of vendors and streamlines the process of managing bids and vendors. bidnet direct’s Rhode Island Purchasing Group provides notifications to registered vendors of relevant new solicitations, as well as all addenda and award information from participating agencies across Rhode Island, and can be viewed at

The Cumberland School Department joined the buying group in July and will use the system to post and distribute upcoming tender opportunities. The Rhode Island Purchasing Group is a single online site that manages procurement information and activities and provides local Rhode Island government agencies with the tools to minimize costs and save time throughout the purchasing process.

“We are always looking to increase our supplier pool and our competition,” says Alex Prignano, district business manager for the Cumberland School Department. We hope the Rhode Island Purchasing Group will help us expand the reach of our solicitations and can help our suppliers find more local opportunities,” he continued.

Registered vendors can access all open bids, related documents and files, additional addenda, and award information. In addition, Rhode Island Purchasing Group offers a value-added service to notify suppliers of new offerings targeted to their industry, any addenda, and advance notification of expiring futures contracts. Registered vendors have access not only to Cumberland School Department tendering opportunities, but also to all tenders from participating agencies.

Sellers can register with the Rhode Island Purchasing Group at: The bidnet direct vendor support team is available to answer any questions regarding the registration process or the bidding system at 800-835-4603 option 2.

Other Rhode Island local government agencies wishing to transition from a manual bidding process, please contact Rhode Island Purchasing Group for a demonstration of the no-cost procurement solution.

About the Cumberland School Department:

Cumberland is located in the northeast region of Rhode Island, the Cumberland School District has eight schools. The five elementary schools – Ashton, BF Norton, Community, Garvin Memorial and JJM Cumberland Hill – all offer full-day kindergarten. Ashton Elementary is home to Cumberland Preschool.

Cumberland also has two colleges, Joseph L. Mccourt and North Cumberland Middle School. Cumberland has a secondary school. Total enrollment in Cumberland schools (as of October 2018) remains stable at approximately 4,685 students.

The school system is governed by its school committee of seven members elected for two years and comprising a president, a vice-president and a clerk. The School Board hires a Superintendent of Schools to administer policies and to manage and direct learning in the district. Superintendents of Cumberland Schools (in chronological order) are Mr. Robert Condon, Dr. Robert McGinnis, Mr. Rodney McFarlin, Dr. Robert Patterson, Mr. Robert Wallace (1993-1996), Mr.-Joseph Nasif (1996-2005) , Dr Donna Morelle (2005-2011), Dr Phil Thornton (2011-2015), ML Robert Mitchell (2015-2021) and Dr Phil Thornton (present).

About bidnet direct:

bidnet direct, powered by mdf commerce, is a regional buying group procurement solution available free of charge to local government agencies nationwide. bidnet direct operates regional buying groups, including the Rhode Island Purchasing Group, in all 50 states that are used by more than 1,500 local governments. To learn more and ensure that your government agency gains transparency and efficiency in its procurement, please visit

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