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Abed’s has seen an influx of customers since the release of the Common Entry results last week. (Photo by Reco Moore)

With some supplies unavailable due to shipping delays, vendors and customers are making the most of back-to-school shopping which began last week after the results of the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Exam were announced. .

At Abed’s on Swan Street, The City, owner Eddie Abed said there had been difficulty getting stock to the island in time. However, he added that by the end of next week all stores in Abed would be fully stocked as they were due to ship out this week.

He said the back-to-school shopping started off as a trickle, but since the 11-Plus results were known, it had cascaded. He pointed out that Abed’s had made the decision to leave prices where they were last year and to absorb all associated costs.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear that she wants all businesses to contribute where they can to the cost of living. We have been doing this for a very long time. We have customers that we knew as children and their parents were shopping for back to school, and it is impossible for us to disregard the request of the government and of so many leaders of society regarding the attempt to assistance. . . and we will do our part. (AR)

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