Edgefield County District covers the cost of school supplies for all students

JOHNSTON, SC (WRDW / WAGT) – The Edgefield County School District announced Friday that the district will provide back-to-school supplies to all students and teachers for the upcoming school year.

The recent expansion of the Chromebook 1-to-1 Instruction District is cutting back on needed school supplies.

Although families are requested to continue providing book bags and essential personal items for their children, school supplies will be provided to the school at no cost to parents.

For the 2021-22 school year, families in the district do not need to purchase a list of typical supply items for their students.

Instead, school and district heads ordered specific supplies at each level: primary, middle, and secondary.

The selected items were chosen to complement the Chromebook instructions.

The district purchased these items in bulk, reducing their costs. Some supplies have already arrived in schools, and some will arrive in the coming weeks due to shipping restrictions. Each school determines the best method of distributing supplies to students and teachers. Teacher supplies will be provided to students upon request and according to their needs. School and district leaders developed this approach to:

  • Reduce the financial burden on families in Edgefield County.
  • Streamline supply lists across the district for fairness and consistency across the county.
  • Eliminate the purchase of unnecessary materials.
  • Buy items in bulk when possible.
  • Minimize or eliminate the need for a teacher-issued list of supplies.

“By combining personalized instruction on Chromebook with this model of delivering school supplies to students, students will have all the technological and traditional tools they need to excel,” said Superintendent Dr. Kevin O’Gorman. “Plus, we know that many of our families spend every dollar to meet the needs of their households. We hope this approach will reduce the typical back-to-school financial burden that families and teachers often face. “

Families should provide a school bag and all essential personal items, such as water bottles, if needed.

This approach to school supplies does not affect general tuition fees, which cover expenses not related to school supplies. As in previous years, families will be required to pay a general tuition fee of $ 25, plus any additional fees covering costs associated with lockers, parking, and other specific school-related needs.

Families who qualify for a free or discounted lunch will receive proportional reductions on general tuition fees once the appropriate documentation has been completed and verified.

As part of this school supplies initiative:

  • Each elementary student will receive headphones, composition notebooks, a pencil case, pencils, highlighters, folders and notebook paper. Additionally, 4K students will have mats to use for resting. Each elementary teacher will have scissors for all students, pencils, dry erase markers, erasers, index cards and sticky notes.
  • Each college student will have headphones, a 2-inch binder with dividers, a pencil case, pencils and notebook paper. Each middle school teacher will have scissors, erasers for all students, manual pencil sharpeners, composition notebooks for the students, rulers (depending on the subject), glue sticks, colored pencils, pencil pens. three different colors for all students, highlighters, dry erase markers, index cards, sticky notes and grid paper.
  • Each high school student will receive a 3-inch binder with dividers, two-color pens and pencils. Each high school teacher will have notebook paper, spiral notebooks, colored pencils, headphones for the students, and grid paper (for the math teachers).

“It means a lot to teachers to know that we will have all the supplies we need for our students to be successful. Said Erin Martinez, a first grade teacher at Johnston Elementary School. “It eases the burden on families and definitely helps all of our students feel they have what they need to start the year. “

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