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Enchanted Backpack School Supplies Donation to Dolton 149 Totals $40,000 (Calumet City, IL) – South Suburb Dolton School District 149 found himself among the happy beneficiaries of the generosity of the Enchanted Backpack association, which this week donated school supplies to the students of City of Calumetat Caroline Sibley Elementary School which totaled $40,000.

Representatives of Enchanted Backpack, a charity founded in 2017 by the Lavin family Foundation which serves underfunded elementary and middle schools in northern Illinois and northern Indiana, delivered to Caroline Sibley on Tuesday, February 8, two truckloads of items including art supplies, winter clothing, hats, gloves, shoes, personal hygiene items, recreational equipment, 1,500 new books and much more.

Enchanted Backpack Blesses Children

Enchanted Backpack School Supplies Donation to Dolton 149 Totals $40,000
Enchanted Backpack School Supplies Donation to Dolton 149 Totals $40,000

“We would like to thank Enchanted Backpack for blessing our children and our community with these incredible donations of books, clothing, personal hygiene items and other supplies,” said Dolton 149 Superintendent Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones at the impromptu welcoming ceremony. “You have had a profound impact on the lives of children and families in this community, and these donations will bring joy to their homes and lives and the 1,500 books donated will support our ‘Balanced Literacy’ program.”

Caroline Sibley’s principal, BeNita Parker, was alerted to Enchanted Backpack’s charitable work and she later submitted a request on the school’s behalf to the Chicago-based nonprofit to be considered for a donation.

“I am ecstatic and thrilled, and very grateful to Enchanted Backpack; these donations far exceeded my expectations,” Parker said. “Our students and teachers will benefit from the generous gift of Enchanted Backpack, enabling students to learn beyond the walls of Caroline Sibley at home with the 1,500 books included among the gifts.”

Donations included: crayons, loose leaf paper, construction paper, crayons

erasers, dry erase markers, scissors, underwear, markers, pens, permanent markers, pocket folders, sticky notes, staplers, staples, tape, three-ring binders, composition notebooks, pencils, copy paper , erasers, glue sticks, highlighters, index cards, art supplies, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shoes, earphones/headphones, electric pencil sharpeners, spiral notebooks, winter jackets, socks, t-shirts , hats, gloves, board games and recreational equipment (variety of balls, skipping ropes and more).

Dolton 149 Board of Education Chair Rayya Ghani also added to the chorus of district appreciation.

“By generously providing underfunded elementary and middle schools with the basics and essentials of learning and life – books, notebooks, recreation equipment, clothing and personal hygiene items – Enchanted Backpack will make a real difference in the academic and personal lives of Caroline Sibley’s students,” Ghani said. “We are deeply grateful.”

Enchanted Backpack School Supplies Donation to Dolton 149 Totals $40,000

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