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(CBS DETROIT)– The National Retail Trade Federation estimates that back-to-school spending will hit a record $ 31.1 billion, up from more than $ 3 billion last year.

Parents in Kindergarten to Grade 12 are expected to spend over $ 800 per household.

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Something the Nelson family of Detroit know well.

“My youngest will be in kindergarten, then we will have a first grade, a sixth and an 8e grader this year, ”said Angélique Nelson.

Nelson says they also have a student. Like many, her children will be starting the school year in person for the first time in 2 years, and she is noticing an increase in the prices of items newly added to the supply list.

“The Clorox wipes, the Kleenex hand sanitizers, yes they were a little more expensive than previous years, but what can you do right,” Nelson said.

According to Kristen Holt, CEO of GreenPath Financial Wellness, there are several ways to save on back-to-school items.

“Where could those school supplies be that we’ve had over the past two years that we haven’t used as much,” said Kristen Holt, CEO of GreenPath Financial Wellness.

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Holt says most of the items are in your house, she also says shop around, don’t try to buy everything from one store. And when it comes to clothes …

“There are a lot of great resale stores out there where you might be able to pick up something that has barely been worn by someone else, but for a fraction of the cost,” Holt said.

Holt also says to stick to the list and not to over buy.

“We buy a lot every year, that’s how there are a lot of kids,” Nelson said.

Experts say if finances are tight, check out one of the local school supply giveaways, there are plenty in the Detroit area, or if you’re like the Nelson’s and have a few extra items you bought. , donate it.

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