Extracurricular activities that your child will benefit from


Doing extracurricular activities not only helps your child build muscle strength, but also teaches your little one the importance of teamwork and cooperation. It is also an opportunity for your little one to learn, mingle and play.

With a range of activities on offer, you might be wondering which one to choose, so we’ve compiled a list for you so you can take the guesswork out of it. Here are six activities your child will benefit from:

1. Yoga

It’s never too early to practice mindfulness and your little one will learn to be present and stay focused, which will help them improve their ability to concentrate. She will also learn to be comfortable in silence and appreciate the importance of time to me. Improving balance and coordination are other benefits of yoga.

2. Zumba

This Latin-inspired fitness program is a fun way to get your little one’s heart racing. The high-energy routines are more like dancing than cardio, and the benefits include improved fitness, pace, and confidence. Your toddler will love it!

3. Kwanda Kinetics

Designed to stimulate and develop the gross and fine motor skills of your little one, the program is offered in the form of fun and fun group lessons and aims to improve the well-being of your developing toddler according to his age and skills. ; Kwanda Kids is specially designed for preschool and elementary age children, while Kwanda Babies is for infants. Kwanda Care is for children with special needs and Kwanda Sport is designed to optimize athletic performance.

4. Football

This team sport can be played by children of all ages and will develop your little one’s motor skills as well as coordination and balance. It involves running, kicking, and tackling, all of which require focus and teamwork, so the activity is beneficial for both mind and body. Encouraging your little one to stay active means they’re also less likely to be overweight.

5. Swimming

This low impact form of exercise is not only calming, but also offers great physical and psychological rewards. The benefits include improved balance, coordination, fitness, and muscle tone. It also improves spatial awareness and strengthens lung capacity. Your little one will benefit greatly from causing a stir.

6. Ballet

This dance form is not only graceful, it also offers great rewards. Your little one will be pretty in pink and their posture will improve as they gain confidence as they learn more about their body and the wonderful things they can do. The benefits also include improved muscle strength, focus, and body awareness. It is also an effective form of relaxation because it involves practicing deep breathing.

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