Flagler County school activities, events ramp up in first term


We’ve hit halfway through the first term at Flagler Schools. This means that the progress reports are published this week! Now is a great time for families to review their academic expectations and seek additional supports if they are needed.


Erin Quinn, Director of iFlagler, reports: The 2021-2022 school year has started well! Thank you, families, for your continued support and help in raising your child at home. The time for the progress report has arrived, we are halfway through the first quarter. IFlagler progress reports are not available in hard copy. Student progress changes daily and should be monitored weekly through the parent / guardian account. As always, please contact the iFlagler office with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with our students and families to make this school year a success!

Bunnell Elementary School

Ms. Lambert and Ms. Blanchard’s 4th year classes created donuts! The students were tasked with creating their own donut, drawing and labeling all the parts of it, and then writing a detailed description and a compelling argument for Swillerbees to create their donut. Swillerbees really stepped up their efforts by choosing five donuts to create! The students took great pleasure in seeing their creations come to life and eating them. Thanks again to Swillerbees!


The expansion of our popular Commercial Vehicle Driver program is underway. We are improving our classroom to enable us to help our students learn, graduate and find employment as a commercial vehicle driver. This is a segment of our country that is in dire need of qualified drivers and the FTC is doing its part to provide this training.

We are also excited to see our heavy equipment operator class continue to grow. This program is a direct result of local businesses asking us to help find and train people to operate heavy machinery. These business owners struggled to find potential candidates. This program provides them with trained operators who can get to work immediately after the program ends.

Matanzas High School

Students at Matanzas High School have received academic honors from the College Board’s National Recognition Programs. These national recognition programs grant under-represented students academic accolades that can be included in college and scholarship applications and connect students to universities across the country, helping them meaningfully connect with colleges and stand out during the admission process. Colleges and scholarship programs identify students who have received national African American, Hispanic, Indigenous, and / or rural / small town recognition through the College Board’s Student Search Service.

The National African-American Recognition Program Fellows are Henson White, Karissa Jackson, Sahara Wilks, and Samara Brooks.

Julietta Kauffman was named a National Hispanic Recognition Program Fellow.

The College Board’s Rural and Small Town Recognition Scholarship recipients are Henson White, Karissa Jackson, Sahara Wilks, Samara Brooks, and Julietta Kauffman.

“We are delighted that our students have earned this recognition. We are very proud of them for their accomplishments in their classes and during College Board assessments, ”said Principal Jeff Reaves. “These programs help students from under-represented backgrounds stand out among colleges when it comes to admissions.”

Students who may be eligible have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have excelled on PSAT / NMSQT or PSAT 10, or have a score of 3 or more on two or more AP exams; and are African American or Black, Hispanic or Latin American, Indigenous and / or attending school in a rural area or small town.

Eligible students will be invited to apply in their second year or first year and will be rewarded at the start of the following academic year. Students will receive their awards in time to include them in their college and scholarship applications.

The Indian Trails cross country team participated in the Spikes & Spurs Invitational.

Indian Trails College

The Indian Trails Cross Country team competed in the Spikes and Spurs Invitational on Friday September 7th. The women’s team won the finalist trophy. Noemi Malinowski finished first for her team with an impressive sixth place. Morrigan Daly finished in 12th place and Jadein Wright in 13th. The boys’ team also had a successful encounter finishing third overall. RJ Cerasi finished in the top 10. Tyler Peeples was 12th and Evan Johnson was 18th. We can’t wait to see what else these varsity athletes will accomplish over the season.

Old Kings Elementary School

Music reigns in the cafeteria at Old Kings Elementary School on fun Fridays. The school recently launched its PBIS award salary. The students collected “owls” for their behavior on the task and made good choices. Everyone is enthusiastic about PBIS Pay Day and many staff members join in the fun by dancing and communicating with our students. Students can use their Owl Bucks to take the stage and collect prizes.

Rymfire Primary School

When you teach science in elementary school, sometimes you go to extremes to reach the students. Sometimes “gross” is right in the eye of the beholder. Fifth grade students from Rymfire Elementary School in Ms. Welsh’s classroom participated in a Snot Lab. You read correctly. Members of the community, our students, handled the snot – well, the false snot, of course. Using green jelly as a medium, students applied the scientific method with an emphasis on controls and variables while testing their observational skills. It was a raw activity, but very engaging.

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