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Gbarpolu —The Binda Foundation has provided hundreds of school supplies worth more than LD$350,000 or US$2,500 to hundreds of students and schools in Garpolu County.

Given on Friday, January 21, 2022, in Gbarma district, the donation saw more than 100 students benefit while supplies range from hundreds of notebooks and dozens of sets of uniforms.

The Binda Foundation is a US-based nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives and conditions of citizens in Liberia. The foundation is led by its founder and CEO Stephen Binda.

Speaking in Gbarma District on Friday, the Foundation’s National Coordinator, Prince Vongbor, said the foundation’s decision was aimed at reducing the financial constraints faced by hundreds of parents in the county.

“Hundreds of parents have complained that the country’s economic conditions do not allow them to buy school supplies for their children,” Vongbor said. “The students themselves complained. And so, as an organization that is responsible and understands the needs of our employees, we had to seize the opportunity.

Prior to the donation, the foundation said dozens of students were expelled from schools by authorities due to lack of uniforms and fees. A statement released by the foundation on Friday quoted Mr Vongbor as saying the foundation was pleased with the intervention, adding that further interventions were currently pending.

Friday’s donation benefited both Gbarma Primary School and Beotoe Public School Primary School. Dozens of parents and teachers danced and chanted thank you slogans as the items were distributed, the statement said.

The statement quoted the foundation as saying it would shortly roll out several projects in the county in 2022. The foundation named agriculture, health, infrastructure and information technology as areas of focus.

Responding to the supplies, Gbarma District Chairperson Gballey Armah praised the efforts of the foundation and called the move historic and timely.

“We are extremely excited about this great help provided by the Binda foundation,” she said. “This is the very first time that we have seen such a gesture in Gbarma. We can only hope that God will bless the members and board members of the foundation. Indeed, we are suffering and we need additional help from the foundation.

Expressing their hope, parents and citizens expressed their willingness to work with the foundation to ensure the betterment of lives and communities. At the same time, the authorities of the foundation called on the citizens of the county to work in unity as it seeks to meet their needs in the areas of health, education, infrastructure, governance and agriculture, among others.

Since its inception, the Foundation has partnered with dozens of nonprofit organizations in the United States and Europe with a reputation for assets of over US$100 million.

The foundation was launched in the United States, following a four-year planning process by its founder and CEO, Stephen Binda. Binda is a Liberian journalist, business executive, and American activist. Born and raised in Liberia with parents from Gbarma District, he is also the grandchild of the late Chief Ziamah Samgbeh, a historic paramount chief of Gbarpolu.

Prior to Friday’s presentation, the Foundation in December 2021 presented more than LD$35,000 in food items to the Gbarpolu County Sports Team National Steering Committee.

The foundation has also committed LD$1 million to the county football team that emerged victorious in the county’s just-concluded national sports competition.

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