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Posted on August 16, 2021
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Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara’s After School Enrichment Program inspires girls to be strong, smart and daring.

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A Girls Inc. host helps a student make friendship bracelets. (Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara)

As the 2021 school year kicks off, Noozhawk has put together our annual ParentNooz extracurricular activity guide. After a tumultuous year of distance learning, we’ve made sure to make things easy when planning your child’s extracurricular activities! Our 2021 Extracurricular Guide provides you and your child with all the information you need to decide which extracurricular program is best for you.

To give parents the tools to make informed decisions about after-school programs for their children in Santa Barbara, Noozhawk conducted a series of interviews with local program representatives for this year’s After-School Guide.

In this interview, Noozhawk spoke with Taylor Burke, intern at Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara, to find out more about their after-school program here in Santa Barbara.

Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara

Question: What is the name of your after school activity / program? What is his mission ?

Reply: Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara’s After School Enrichment Program inspires girls to be strong, smart and daring.

Question: Describe the activities involved in your extracurricular activity / program.

A: Young people participate in a variety of interactive activities that reflect our mission to be strong (healthy), smart (educated) and daring (independent). Our courses for girls and adolescents include STEM projects tailored to development, media and production education, economic literacy, college preparation and future planning, a healthy body and mind, the art of social activism and much more. The program also includes time spent each day for young people to focus on their homework and develop their self-confidence with the help of our animators.

Young people playing during their physical movement session.
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Young people playing during their physical movement session. (Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara)

Question: What are the hours of your after school activity or program?

A: From Monday to Friday from school leaving until 5.30 p.m.

Question: In what age group can children participate in your extracurricular activity or program?

A: Students aged 5 to 18.

Question: When did your program start and what was the inspiration to create it?

A: Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara is proud to have served the girls in our community for over 60 years. Over the decades, programming has evolved to focus more on girls in STEM, building academic confidence and pursuing post-secondary education opportunities, and preparing girls to take the lead and become strong advocates. Today, the need is stronger than ever for girls and adolescent girls for a safe and inclusive space to explore their curiosities and develop their inherent strengths and leadership in a supportive and girl-friendly environment.

Question: Describe what makes your after-school program unique and useful.

A: Girls Inc. offers research-based programs led by trained facilitators to focus on the whole girl in a safe and supportive environment. Young people discover and develop skills for healthy living, academic enrichment and life skills, and learn to stand up for themselves and for others.

Girls Inc.’s experience is built on three key strengths: people, environment and research-based programming. Our staff and volunteers always join the passionate and dedicated team, but are further trained to build mentoring relationships with girls and families and serve as role models. Our environment is a brotherhood of respect that is physically and emotionally safe for everyone involved. Our programming is shaped by researching the needs of today’s girls to ensure that they are always exposed to new experiences and opportunities that enrich their daily lives.

Grades 5 and 6 students creating Girls Inc. films in their media production class.
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Grades 5 and 6 students creating Girls Inc. films in their media production class. (Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara)

We believe this holistic approach encourages girls to lead independent and fulfilling lives outside of our program. We asked one of our current students, Lauren (9), what she took away from her experience with Girls Inc .. She said, “Even though I’m going through a tough situation, I can come to Girls Inc. .and there are other girls who might be going through a rough time as well. I’ve learned here that if I’m just myself, I don’t have to worry about what others might think of me ”.

Question: Following COVID-19 restrictions, what parts of your program have changed to comply with Santa Barbara County guidelines?

A: Girls Inc. continues to follow health and safety protocols as outlined by the California Department of Public Health. Young people are assigned to learning teams by level, with dedicated facilitators for the duration of the program. Each learning team is autonomous in its own classroom and follows a convenient schedule when using our public spaces.

Families will notice new processes that include curb drop-off and pick-up, reconfigured classroom spaces that meet social distancing guidelines, mandatory mask requirements, and daily health checks for staff and girls before to enter the center. The center is also disinfected throughout the day and undergoes a deep disinfection cleaning each evening.

Additionally, we offer virtual programming to support connection during the pandemic and beyond. Virtual activities focus on movement, art and STEM for all ages. This is a great opportunity for new Girls Inc. girls to try out one of our programs as well as returning students who want to stay involved at home.

Question: What is the average program size or class size for your activity? Teacher / student ratio?

A: Our ratio for fall programming is 14: 1 to keep COVID-19 protocols implemented.

Question: How is your program educational?

A: Girls participate in activities that focus on and enhance their learning in school and receive homework help. We also provide life skills and healthy living education for students. Topics vary by age, but all girls are taught to make healthy decisions, treat others, have healthy relationships, and be a strong girl. Learning these skills at a young age builds confidence in every girl and leads to greater success in their education. One of our students, Alexandra (11) says: “I really like the number of opportunities we have to try different things. I started surfing and playing at Girls Inc. I learned here that you can do whatever you want if you think about it ”.

Question: What is the cost / tuition fees? Are scholarships available?

A: Prices vary according to age and price. Full-time tuition for TK-6 classes is $ 115 / week and $ 70 / week for part-time tuition. Students in grade 7 and up pay $ 60 / week for full-time status and $ 35 / week for part-time. In addition, there is an annual registration fee of $ 35. We offer financial assistance to eligible families and a 10% off option for siblings.

Click here for more information about Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara and their after-school programs!

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