Giving back: Subaru to provide school supplies for all K-5 grades in Camden

Subaru of America announced Thursday that it will provide school supplies to all kindergarten through fifth grade classes in the Camden City School District, an effort that will impact more than 3,280 students and 150 classrooms at eight different schools across the country. district.

The effort was announced as part of the company’s partnership with and is part of Subaru Loves Learning, the automaker’s education-focused initiative that aims to help provide students and classrooms with classrooms from underprivileged school districts nationwide with essential learning materials.

Subaru CEO Thomas Doll said being able to make a difference in the city he is in is huge.

“As Subaru and our retailers continue to make a national impact with our Subaru Loves Learning initiative, we are especially proud to provide students right here in our hometown of Camden with the resources they deserve to do well in school,” Doll said.

“Subaru is committed to making learning more accessible to all students, giving them every opportunity to reach their full potential.”

For the past 10 years, Subaru has partnered with the Camden City School District, providing support for students and educators. As a result, 203 scholarships have been awarded to senior graduates since 2016, funds have been allocated to ensure laptops are available for all students, and online learning continues to progress.

This year, Subaru continues its longstanding partnership not only with the adoption of all K-5 classrooms in the Camden School District, but with a new volunteer program. On August 24, nearly 100 Subaru employees will travel to the district’s eight Camden schools to participate in key projects to improve learning in schools, representing the automaker’s devotion to encouraging advancement and educational success in their local community.

Camden Superintendent Katrina McCombs said the company’s efforts are having a big impact.

“Having hands-on learning materials is critical to helping our students succeed, and we know it’s difficult when many students don’t have access to these supplies,” she said. “Subaru of America’s support will give our students new opportunities to thrive in our classrooms, so we can all continue to focus on our academic fulfillment.”

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