Government official delivers school supplies to Hungarian first graders in Vojvodina


The State Secretary for Policy for Hungarians Abroad on Tuesday handed over a donation of school supplies to 1,392 first-graders who will start attending Hungarian-language elementary schools in Vojvodina, Serbia.

Árpád János Potápi stressed the importance of preserving education in Hungarian in the region and noted that the government is also supporting higher education students in Hungarian, “ensuring that this year everyone in Hungarian education, from nursery school to university, receives government support “.

Potápi welcomed the increase in the number of children starting school in their mother tongue this school year. The government has allocated 23 million forints (66,000 euros) to the program, he said. He thanked the Hungarian National Council and the Association of Hungarians in Vojvodina for the ten-year cooperation.

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“Hungary is a cultural nation built on centuries of cooperation” – State Sec Potápi at the Friends of Hungary online conference

Our priority is to defend and strengthen the Hungarian identity, one of the main foundations of which is the Hungarian language, said Potápi.

The Rákóczi association, a Hungarian NGO, caps aid with a donation of school bags for each first-grader, Potápi said.

Photo presented by Tamás Szakács / MTI

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