GRPS teachers recognized with free school supplies

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — National Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week of May. This year, teachers at Grand Rapids Public Schools can help their students learn with free, brand-new supplies.

A total of $20,000 from the GRPS Foundation is distributed to teachers in the school system. The GRPS Foundation is partnering with the non-profit StoreHouse of Grand Rapids for this initiative. After signing up for one-hour time slots, teachers will have the option to use $50 for school supplies.

“The needs are great and it feels really good on our part,” said Holly Visser, director of development for the GRPS Foundation. “We live in a really tough world, I think if we’re honest and so anything we can do is super fabulous.”

“I was the third in and the first out,” said Robin Schilstra, science teacher at Grand Rapids Montessori Middlehigh School.

Schilstra participated in the event and was lucky enough to get not only coveted school supplies, but also items for teaching outside of the classroom.

“Whiteboard markers, crayons, lots of bulletin boards, which are like gold in middle school and high school, and other unique things StoreHouse had to offer, like haircut capes that I love. they had and I use them because we can take them outside. and let the kids sit on it when we work outside,” Schilstra said.

“I love being with them every day, I love watching them learn, I love watching them grow into amazing human beings,” Schilstra said of her students. “It was a really good thing to have.”

The last day of the event will be May 6. GRPS teachers can Register online. Questions regarding the event can be directed to Visser at

For the full conversation with Holly Visser, Development Director of the GRPS Foundationwatch the video in the player above.

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