Hundreds receive free backpacks and school supplies at ‘Little Miss Flint’ event


FLINT, MI – Hundreds of children lined up at the Flint Farmers Market on Monday afternoon to receive one of 1,000 free backpacks provided by Mari “Little Miss Flint” Copeny.

Copeny’s annual back-to-school event at the Flint Farmers’ Market included free backpacks, school supplies, makeup, uniforms, shoes and hygiene supplies for local children as they prepare for the next school year.

Lulu Brezzell, Copeny’s mother, said she raised around $6,000 for this year’s event before the Flint Registry signed on as the event’s sponsor.

“Not many parents can afford to buy back-to-school items for their kids and I want to be able to give back,” Copeny said.

Now 15, Copeny rose to prominence as a child activist during Flint’s water crisis. She’s entering her sophomore year in high school this fall and had some advice for freshmen.

“Follow all your notes and do your work. Never miss a thing. Always write down what your teacher says, even if it’s something super stupid, you’ll need it later in the future in exams,” Copeny said.

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