HyVee and The Globe team up to raise money for school supplies


From August 1-31, HyVee shoppers will have the option to round their grocery bill to the nearest dollar, with RoundUP funds being distributed to schools in Worthington – schools in District 518 as well as Worthington Christian School and in St. Mary’s.

“The Globe is delighted to launch this RoundUP program with HyVee,” said Director of Advertising Roberta Fultz. “School supplies can be expensive, as all parents know, especially parents with multiple children. Having the supplies to learn and engage in the classroom can make all the difference for students.

“We also know of local teachers who buy school supplies for their students. If their kids don’t bring school supplies, they will dip into their own paychecks to make sure their students are equipped for the classroom, ”Fultz added. “This is our attempt to lighten the burden a bit and come together as a community as we head into a new school year. “

Worthington HyVee principal Dustin Hahn said he was excited about the idea and quickly shared it with other stores in the area, so they could do a RoundUP for their schools as well.

“We do it all the time (for different organizations),” Hahn said. “It’s an easy fundraiser to do, and it keeps it local. “
Past opportunities to donate to a specific cause have yielded local organizations anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, Hahn said, adding that RoundUP’s success depends on customers’ willingness to help local school children.

“I hope this will help students have the school supplies they need to be successful in their school year,” he added.

Prairie Elementary School principal Heidi Meyer said she hopes to involve school counselors and teachers in determining how RoundUP funds will be spent.

“I was delighted to hear that The Globe and HyVee are providing this opportunity for the benefit of our students and families,” said Meyer. “Each year our teachers and counselors do a lot to make sure our school supply lists don’t create a financial burden on families. These lists of supplies contain important items that are necessary for learning; but the items can be expensive, especially if you have multiple students in the school.

“This community movement will provide additional resources to be able to meet the needs of students,” she explained. “We are always very grateful to our community-driven businesses and the support they provide to our school district. This is another great example of working together to help those in need.

Fultz added, “We are thrilled to support education and families in our community! “

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