ICI Construction donates school supplies to Klein ISD


With the help of the Klein ISD Education Foundation department, ICI Construction donated school supply kits for elementary, high school and high school students.

Donated kits included notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, markers, glue and more, according to a press release from Klein ISD.

ICI has helped Klein ISD students for the past 12 years, the statement added.

“ICI Construction is taking this opportunity to help students acquire the tools they need to be successful in achieving a great education,” said Tom Cobb, executive vice president and co-owner of ICI Construction. “There is no greater feeling than giving back to the children who need it most. “

-Contributed by Klein ISD

Klein ISD saves $ 70 million

By participating in Centerpoint Energy programs, Klein ISD saved approximately $ 70 million in energy conservation efforts.

Both programs include the SCORE program, according to a statement from Klein ISD, which encourages the district to install energy efficient equipment, as well as the retro-commissioning program, which provides the district with low-cost or no-cost opportunities to improve their performance. the efficiency of the equipment.

“Klein ISD is so grateful for the 14 years that we have been able to partner with Centerpoint Energy. The incentives gained from increasing energy efficiency in a few schools are then used to fund other energy efficiency projects across the district, ”said Melissa Crizer, Energy Manager at Klein ISD. “As energy efficiency increases, our energy costs decrease. This allows Klein ISD to redirect savings to our students and staff.

Klein ISD is also working with the Houston-Galveston Subsidence District to add control systems to their irrigation systems, which will reduce irrigation use, the statement added.

The savings came from the efforts of the Klein ISD Energy Management department to turn off the exterior lights during the holidays and summer months, scheduling only what is needed for the events, managing to save $ 70 million from the start of the program in 2007.

– Courtesy of Klein ISD

Spring ISD explains how to find updates in inclement weather

Spring ISD is advising the community of how they can find potential delays, closures or cancellations due to inclement weather.

When a decision for any of the three is made, Spring ISD lets it know across all of its communication channels, including @SpringISD on Twitter, on Facebook at Spring ISD, and on Instagram at @ Spring.ISD.

There is also a Spring ISD mobile app available for download, according to a press release from the district, which provides push notifications when an update occurs due to weather. It can be found on both the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for “Spring ISD”.

The district also encouraged families to update their contact details in the Home Access Center if they had recently changed their email address or phone number.

-Contributed by Spring ISD

Lone Star College Offers Debt Remission

Lone Star College announced this week that it has written off student debt owed by students who owed money since the fall of 2020, approximately $ 2.5 million for more than 4,000 students, allowing them to enroll in classes. ‘fall.

“Lone Star College remains committed to breaking down the barriers students face so they can complete their studies,” said Stephen Head, Chancellor of LSC. “The availability of these funds will allow students to return to class this fall. “

The college system was approved for additional funding from the CARES Act because it was recognized as an institution serving minorities, a press release from the LSC said, meaning its student body is at least 25 percent. hundred Hispanic and that at least 50 percent of college degree-seeking students are in need. -based assistance.

All students wanting additional information on the Unpaid Balance Remission Program should call the LSC Business Office at 281-290-3975. Financial Aid Officers can also be found to assist students throughout the financial aid process at Lonestar.edu/financial-aid.

“We know we always face challenges and we are committed to working with students to make sure we are doing everything we can to support them,” Head said.

-Contributed by Lone Star College

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