Karnataka School Exam News Today: Students in Grades 1-9 will be MARKED under THIS DIAGRAM – check all details here


Karnataka School Exam News Today: The COVID-19 situation in the country does not look good at all. The huge spike in the number of daily cases has forced state governments to take strict measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Schools and other educational facilities have been closed in several states. Board exams were canceled or postponed by the CBSE as well as state boards.

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In the midst of this situation, the government of Karnataka has developed a promotion assessment system for students in grades 1 to 9 according to a report by PTI. Karnataka Minister of Primary and Secondary Education S Suresh Kumar said: “The continuous and comprehensive assessment program will be the decisive factor for the advancement of children in grades 1 to 9”.

Last week, Karnataka’s Minister of Education tweeted from his official Twitter account to inform that no decision regarding the cancellation of the Karnataka SSLC 2021 exam has been made so far. In the tweet, he said: “” The state has not made a decision regarding the cancellation of the SSLC exams. An appropriate decision will be taken in the future taking into account all parameters. The clarification from the state education minister came at a time when there was speculation that the Karnataka board exams could be canceled or postponed like the CBSE and several other state councils .

The Karnataka Minister of Education also clarified that the Karnataka 2021 Class 10 exam will be held according to the schedule published earlier, starting June 21, 2021.

The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) has canceled the exams of the class council 10 and postponed the exams of the class council 12 due to the pandemic situation prevailing in the country. The CBSE has stated that the candidates’ results for the Class 10 jury exam will be prepared on the basis of an objective criterion which will be decided by the jury.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, authorities are exploring other options to assess students. The promotion evaluation system adopted by the government of Karnataka is one example.

Karnataka’s Minister of Education stressed that the assessment and announcement of results should be a tool, only to assess children’s learning abilities. The main features of the program are that children “should not be asked to physically attend exams”.

He also called on schools across the state to complete the results process by April 30, 2021.

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