‘Kids in Need Foundation’ provides school supplies to teachers


The Kids in Need Foundation is stepping up efforts to ensure local teachers have the classroom resources and supplies they need for the next school year.

ROSEVILLE, Minn. – While your family is finishing their school errands, teachers in Minnesota also prepare their classrooms.

But some teachers have to dip into their own bank accounts to make sure all the glue, markers, and paper students need for the year are ready and waiting when they walk through the doors on day one.

This is where the local non-profit association “Kids in Need Foundation” comes in.

Based in Roseville, Minnesota, the foundation offers several programs to make sure everyone is ready to learn, without having to worry about the cost. One of them is a resource center where teachers can “buy” the supplies they need.

“Kids won’t buy Sharpies, but to get fun and colorful Sharpies it’s great because then we can do fun projects with those,” said Erica Anderson, third grade teacher at Edgerton Elementary.

But the resources for educators don’t end there. New this year, teachers across the country can use a free platform called Every Teacher, Every Day.

Teachers can visit the site to get resources for their classes, ideas for activities, and to find a connection with other teachers through their Facebook group.

Both of these programs aim to make it easier for teachers to return to class with less hassle.

All teachers can request to shop at the resource center if they teach at a school where a high percentage of students are enrolled in the national school meals program.

For more information, visit the Kids in Need Foundation website here.

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