Kidscreen »Archive» Back-to-school supplies sales increase 12%

Back to school means parents are going back to the shops. New data from market research firm The NPD Group projects that revenues for the U.S. office supplies industry will grow 8% this year from 2020, which has been affected by uncertainty surrounding the return of sales. children in class.

Overall, NPD expects sales to increase 12% this year from the 2020 back-to-school season and remain stable from the 2019 pre-pandemic season.

For the five weeks ending August 7, sales of back-to-school items, including notebooks, colored pencil sets and colored pencils, were up 21% from the same period in 2020. Sales of kindergarten to grade six supplies for the same period were up 50% year over year. Part of that growth, according to NPD, is due to pandemic precautions, such as telling children not to share supplies. In fact, teachers said they expected 73% of students to bring their own pencils to school in 2021, up from 49% in previous years.

By 2022 and 2023, NPD forecasts that the revenues of the office supplies sector will fall by 2% and 1% respectively. These declines will be the result of the acceleration in the use of digital products in offices and classrooms in response to the pandemic.

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