Kim Kardashian failed first-year law exam, wondering about becoming a lawyer


Kim kardashian revealed that she had failed her first-year law school exam in a keeping up with the Kardashians episode which was filmed in October 2020.

In the episode, Kim unfortunately reveals that she is thinking about becoming a lawyer after spending so much time studying!

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In the preview for Thursday, May 27th episode on E !, Kim tells her sisters, “So you guys, I didn’t pass the baby bar. If you’re studying law like I do. well, this is a four year program instead of a typical three year program. And after the first year you have to take the baby bar. It would actually be more difficult, I hear, than the official bar.

Flashback occurs with Kim’s mentor, the lawyer Jessica jackson, telling Kim that she needed a score of 560 and that she was given a score of 474. “It’s extremely close to a test that most people don’t take in the middle of a pandemic “Jessica told Kim.

“I am a failure,” Kim said. “I spent six weeks in a row, 10 to 12 hours a day, studying and it was so important for me to keep up with that. And not being successful lowers your morale and just makes you want to give up.

The episode then returns in real time and sees Kourtney story Kim, “I feel like daddy would be really proud of you anyway, just the fact that you chase this.”

“I think it’s very respectable what you’re doing,” Khloé added. “I think the time that you were taken from your family, your children …”

“That’s what annoys me” Kim said then. “The fact that I spent all this time away from my kids, like I couldn’t do it anymore. I do not have time. To do the next test is in November. And I’m filming the end of our show, which will be so moving. I have all the birthdays in the sun, you know, it’s my birthday — my 40th — I’ve planned this whole trip and it’s too late to cancel. And if I fail again it’s like, what’s the point? ”

“I think if you take this sabbatical you will forget it” Kourtney said.

The clip leaves on a somewhat disturbing note, suggesting Kim can give up becoming a lawyer. It ends with Kim saying, “I don’t know, I really need to think about it”.

The episode aired in October 2020, so things may be different in Kimis life now. We will have to wait for an update.

It all comes just like someone has publicly praised Kim kabilities of a future lawyer.

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