Lisa Frank school supplies to make this school year bright and fun

As an elementary school student in the 90s, I grew up in the days when Lisa Frank was all the rage. I had binders, pencil cases, and a whole collection of stickers filled with the iconic bright, sparkly, rainbow-colored animals the brand is known for. Today, Lisa Frank school supplies are still available for purchase for children who love to walk on the wild side – and their nostalgic parents who appreciated vibrant designs back then.

I remember buying armfuls of Lisa Frank pencils, pens and folders every year at my school book fair. Now I can order them from Amazon to have them delivered right to my door, or pick them up at a grocery store at Walmart. They’re the same fun supplies that fill my millennial heart with zebra glee, but they’re easier to find and I’m no longer limited to spending the funds saved in my piggy bank.

If you need a way to persuade your kids to go back to school without complaining this year (because everyone knows summer is the literal better), maybe a Lisa Frank notebook covered in dolphins and shiny puppies could convince them that a return to school isn’t all that bad? Other kids may be very envious of their Lisa Frank school supplies, but you’ll make sure they have some extra glitter stickers to share.

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This hard-sided pencil case zips shut to keep everything neatly concealed inside its rainbow and tiger striped exterior. It measures 8 inches long by 4.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep, so it’s perfect for keeping a stash of Lisa Frank pencils, pens and stickers inside.

Batch of folders

Your kids can have the coolest folders in school with this set of Lisa Frank pocket folders. A shimmering baby tiger, multicolored unicorn and pair of dolphins in a rainbow seascape adorn these lovely folders. Each folder also has three-hole punched holes so they can also be placed inside a binder.

sticker book

These Lisa Frank stickers are perfect for your kids to use to brighten up ordinary notebooks and folders this school year. Especially for kids whose school supply lists specify certain shirt colors that should be used (bo-ring!), having a ton of bright, colorful stickers on hand can make things more fun and personalized for them.

Composition notebook

This composition notebook features a vibrant Lisa Frank design on the cover with 100 pages of lined paper inside. Choose from colorful blankets with a tiger print, magical unicorn or rainbow colored dolphins. What more could a child want?

Binder, Notepad and Folder Set

This Lisa Frank stationery set includes a three-ring binder, a spiral notebook and a two-pocket paper folder. It’s everything your child needs to start the school year off right, but in the brightest and most colorful way possible.

Spiral Notebook

I think I need about 10 of these Lisa Frank spiral notebooks to pile on my desk and use for work, shopping lists, and journaling. Look at this adorable puppy face and the multicolored stars on his tennis ball. A notebook like this (and the other two designs available at Target) is Lisa Frank’s pick and perfect for back to school.

Coloring books

I will absolutely argue that the need to have a Lisa Frank coloring book to doodle in during down time at school makes it a real school supply. This two-pack from Amazon means your child can gift one to their teacher if they need a little convincing that a coloring book is a necessity for the school day.

art set

Technically, a Lisa Frank art set like this probably won’t be on any standard school supply list. However, there are crayons and crayons inside that your kid can definitely stick in their school pencil case. Plus, there are also watercolors and an art block included to play with at home.

Coloring and activity set

No, your children don’t really need a coloring and activity set to take to school, but don’t you want them to have this Lisa Frank set anyway? With 45 coloring and activity pages, 3 puzzles, stickers, crayons and markers, this colorful set is full of glorious animal-themed fun for kids.

Coloring book for adults

If you need something fun to keep you entertained when your kids go back to school, a Lisa Frank adult coloring book should be at the top of your BTS shopping list. Relive your own childhood and get your dose of nostalgia as you part ways and color pages full of puppies, unicorns, tigers and every other fantastic Lisa Frank design you can imagine.

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