Logistics company delivers school supplies to support Mayfield students


LANSING, Michigan – Fifth Wheel Freight (FWF) has partnered with an elementary school in Lansing, Michigan to support those affected by the tornadoes that swept through the central and southern United States. Mayfield, Kentucky was hit with the highest tornado designation among the affected cities when an EF4 tornado with estimated peak winds of 190 mph passed through the city.

FWF sends school supplies to primary school students in Mayfield, providing support and encouragement. Through this initiative, 238 coloring books, 318 folders, 315 pencil boxes, 83 children’s books and other materials were donated. FWF team members provided additional supplies to the initiative, helping to strengthen impact and expand support for students.

“We are passionate about helping people in need,” says Reese Van Heck, CEO of FWF. “As a logistics company, we have the unique opportunity to support Mayfield through our carrier network. The team rallied around this initiative and we were able to make a difference.

FWF coordinated the delivery through its services as a third-party logistics and transportation company by covering all expenses and partnering with a carrier to transport the supplies.

Fifth Wheel Freight is a third-party logistics and transportation provider (3PL) that provides complete logistics solutions to its customers through industry-leading service and reliability. Ongoing opportunities for team members to engage in community initiatives are a core component of FWF’s values.


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