Make-A-Wish Colorado Hosts an Open House


On Tuesday, Make-A-Wish Colorado opened its doors to share its newly renovated office space.

Make-A-Wish Colorado staff members shared stories about the organization’s mission, the history of the organization, and many of the successes they have experienced along the way. Guests were able to tour the facility, chat with Wish Kids, and hear from volunteers and staff.

Associate Commissioner Bethany Brookens was impressed with the organization’s mission, vision and staff at the Make-A-Wish Colorado office.

“It was inspiring to meet some of the Wish recipients and hear how much their high school sports and activities impacted them,” said Brookens.

Considering the upgraded technology, new furnishings and Make-A-Wish Colorado logo wall in the large meeting space, Assistant Commissioner Rashaan Davis said, “The facility is warm and welcoming. Upon entering, you feel the positive energy and the cooperative environment. There is no doubt that great things are happening in this space.

As two like-minded organizations, CHSAA and Make-A-Wish Colorado look forward to working together to help share so many great things happening in Colorado schools.

“Many schools are looking for opportunities to create cooperative events and develop their student leaders; it’s a great way to do it, with the support of an amazing organization behind you,” Davis said.

Assistant Commissioner Jenn Robert-Uhlig views the relationship between Make-A-Wish Colorado and CHSAA as “an excellent opportunity for both organizations to continue to make an impact.”

Roberts-Uhlig went on to say, “We both work to uplift students, create a positive culture in school communities, and help our schools find opportunities to make an impact. I look forward to our relationship.

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