Man collects school supplies for Haitian children


CLEVELAND – The people of Ohio rise to the challenge to help those struggling in Haiti after an earthquake shook the nation.

What would you like to know

  • Ronnie Holman collects school supplies for Haitian children
  • He installed a collection station at the Parma library
  • He also said he plans to have drop-off points at libraries in Brooklyn and Warrensville Heights.

Ronnie Holman collects school supplies. So far he only has one box, but is hoping to change that.

“So far we’ve got a few packets of paper, college lined paper, and broad-lined paper, we’ve got tons of files, in different colors,” Holman said. “We are far from where I expect to be.”

It collects school supplies for children in Haiti after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake left thousands dead. The earthquake was then followed by Tropical Storm Grace, which further devastated the country.

“Just to know that children are suffering a lot from an earthquake. Some may have lost parents, other family members, friends – I can only imagine,” said Holman.

Holman runs Pure Productions, a production company that makes plays and films. He grew up in one of Cleveland’s most dangerous neighborhoods and has said he knows a thing or two about the challenges ahead.

“I can honestly say that I was someone who broke all obstacles to get out of it, to be successful, to get a college degree. That’s why I have to give back, because I know where I’m from, ”Holman said.

He spent a lot of time studying for his graduate studies while answering the cry for help.

“Teaching 4th and 5th grade students and then as a vice principal, I know how hard it is for kids to have supplies, to buy supplies just so these kids can keep up throughout the school year is difficult, ”he said.

He said it is important to give back to those who are going through difficult times, especially the residents of Haiti.

“You never know. You can find yourself in the same situation with the snap of a finger. That’s why it’s always important to count your blessings, go back and help someone else,” he said. Holman said.

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