Maquiladoras to sponsor school supplies and classroom repairs in Juarez


More than 600 schools in need of repairs due to lack of maintenance during the pandemic; students will receive school uniforms and supplies

JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – More than 600 public schools have fallen into disrepair since in-person classes were suspended last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why Juarez business leaders are urging maquiladores and other employers to “adopt” some of these schools and their students through donations.

“We invite companies to support one or more schools with school uniforms and supplies, training for teachers and advice for parents,” said Eduardo Ortiz, director of human resources for Harman de Mexico, a technology company automobile.

The program will be managed by Lazos, an international non-profit organization that has been operating in Mexico for 24 years. Lazos volunteers will schedule interviews primarily with employees of the maquiladoras, as these factories are the city’s largest employer, said Thor Salayandia, president of the Juarez Business Council.

“We have seen as many as 600 schools in need of repairs. It is a substantial number. We invite businesses to join this effort. Hopefully we can start sponsoring 1,500 children, ”said Salayandia.

Juarez Business Council president Thor Salayandia, left, and Eduardo Rodriguez de Harman de Mexico. (Border report photo)

The schools have been inactive for over a year and have suffered damage ranging from leaks and peeling paint to vandalism. Salayandia said the priority would be to provide for the needs of needy children, but assistance will also be provided for repairing buildings, new paint and furniture.

Initial sponsors include Harman, Hubbell de Mexico, ProAlim, and the Juarez Chamber of Industry and Manufacturing. Individual employees will also be asked to donate $ 15 per month, he said.

In-person classes are expected to resume on August 30 in Juarez, despite the reluctance of some parents and the city’s pediatric association.

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