Marlin ISD hopes to prepare students for success with school supplies for all

MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) – Students at Marlin ISD are back in class on Tuesday, and thanks to the district, the kids have all the supplies they need to start the year.

Lawrence Galloway, district operations manager, said they wanted to make it as easy as possible to start the school year for students and their parents. Galloway said that with the stress of the pandemic, and just getting back to school in general, they wanted to remove all barriers for the children.

Since all students are provided with school supplies, Galloway said they can focus on studying and transitioning into this school year. In addition, teachers are able to design their lesson plans based on the materials they know students will have.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to measure the big impact this has, because it’s so impactful for all the students in the community,” said Galloway. “It’s even more impactful for teachers because they don’t have to go out and buy student supplies, which we know so many teachers do. “

Brittney Johnson has three students at Marlin Schools, and she said school supplies can get expensive, so it helps if Marlin offers school supplies to start the year. Johnson said it is helping the whole community as well.

“It’s very relieving, it’s very relieving that this stress is taken away,” Johnson said. “Buying school clothes is stressful enough. “

Galloway said the district was able to pay for school supplies with additional funds, such as ESSER funds, as well as some district funding. The district also donated school supplies last year, and that could be something they continue to donate.

“I would prefer that we provide you with what you need to be successful, so that you can focus on math, so you can focus on science, so you can focus on all other extracurricular activities, so you I don’t have to worry if my backpack is one of the cool backpacks, ”Galloway said.

The district said there are additional supplies teachers can share with students throughout the year. If the students have not been able to collect their backpacks, they will be in school for them.

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