‘Mimi’s Mission’ delivers school supplies for the entire primary school

Barb Jankowski has collected enough school supplies to cover all students from Webb Elementary to Franklin.

FRANKLIN, Ind. – A few weeks ago, we told you about a local grandmother, a “Mimi”, who spent months buying school supplies for Franklin students.

Now there’s a great update – she’s bought and collected enough supplies for every child in every year at Webb Elementary School.

At school in Franklin on Wednesday, it was like Christmas morning. Torn packages, torn tape, people digging through tissue paper to see what’s wrapped inside.

“It’s exciting for us to unload it all because we’re like, ‘Oh, what’s in that box?'” exclaimed Emily Barger, PTO president and first grade teacher. year.

Teachers and parents spent the morning opening box after box of school supplies.

The entire lot, which filled Webb’s entire lobby, is a gift from the not-so-secret Santa Barb Jankowski’s garage. This “Mimi” has made it her mission to buy and collect supplies for the whole school.

Delivery day, they say, was exciting.

“It was completely overwhelming. That truck was full,” Barger said.

Franklin-based Winters Heating and Cooling donated the box truck and personnel to haul everything.

“It really is a huge blessing,” said Jonalyn Palmer, PTO secretary and parent.

“We are so grateful to Barb,” added Barger. “Without ‘Mimi’ we couldn’t do this. I mean teachers would have to spend a lot more out of pocket and families too!”

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At Webb, there is no list of school supplies this year, except for headphones. Every child has the same tools to succeed – all at no cost.

“The feeling of having to go to the store and pick out every item and make sure it’s the right one? Let’s go. Or the overwhelming feeling of knowing how a parent or family can afford it? Especially if you have multiple children,” Palmer said. noted.

“Some families are barely coping. COVID? I mean people have had fewer hours at work and things like that. So just being able to give a student a new schoolbag is huge, the smile on their face is worth it,” Barger mentioned. “They come to school and they realize, ‘Oh, they all have the same supplies as me!’ There’s not a student that has better supplies or a better bag of books or things like that, so it brings us closer.”

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So does the excitement of sorting and stacking all those class gifts, knowing that thanks to a generous “Mimi,” all the kids have to do now is show up and learn.

“Yeah, show up,” Barger said with a smile, “and we’re ready for them!”

Mimi’s mission goes beyond a primary school.

She collects supplies for even more students, with the goal of eventually supplying entire school districts.

You can help. Contact Jankowski via his Facebook group.

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