Monomoy suspends sports and extracurricular activities for the week

Monomoy regional middle and high school students will not be bouncing basketballs, shooting hockey pucks or participating in cheerleading – at least not this week – MRHS athletic director confirmed , Karen Guillemette, Monday morning.

Guillemette said the break will include all sports programs, regardless of level, sport or gender, in addition to schools’ other extracurricular activities. She noted that the decision was made due to the latest increase in COVID-19 cases and added that it was not a result of the number of cases within the school.

“It wasn’t a number, we just thought with the local push and the national push it was the right thing to do to take a break and be able to assess where we are,” Guillemette said.

If all goes as planned, Monomoy students will be able to resume training and matches on Monday, January 10. Guillemette is working to reschedule the matches scheduled for this week and hopes that all matches can be made. later in the season.

Due to the condensed schedule, however, Guillemette said Sharks teams will have to resume their schedule as it is when they return next week.

“Unfortunately, we’ll just have to pick up next week and get back to where things are,” she said. “There’s not a lot of wiggle room. We are working on the postponement [this week’s games] now. We hope and are quite confident that we can reschedule them. »

Monomoy isn’t the only school to have faced schedule changes and breaks throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A year ago, the entire high school athletic department started its winter sports season later than most schools in the state.

“We only started after the winter break last year,” Guillemette said. “I think it was two weeks after the winter break that we started.”

While various MRHS teams may have had hiatuses to their practice and game schedules since, the shutdown marks the first time the entire Athletic Department has halted action in the months since.

Next week’s schedule tentatively includes around two games for each team, with Monday’s slate featuring freshman basketball games for both teams; the boys are due to visit Nauset at 3:30 p.m. and the girls are on the books to host Sandwich at the same time.

Junior and men’s college basketball are scheduled to host Barnstable on Tuesday and travel to Dennis-Yarmouth on Thursday, January 13. The Sharks women’s basketball programs will play Barnstable and Dennis-Yarmouth on the same days at opposing schools.

The Mashpee-Monomoy Cooperative Men’s Hockey Team is scheduled to visit Tri-County on Wednesday and Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, while the Cape Cod Furies Women’s Hockey Team, made up of girls from Monomoy, Cape Cod Tech and Nauset, is scheduled for a Wednesday road trip to Nantucket before hosting Bishop Stang for a Saturday morning.

As disappointing as it is to see sports closed for the week, Guillemette is confident in the decision and hopes the athletes will return to action next week.

“I think it’s the right thing to do to try to keep our children and our staff safe,” she said. “Hopefully we’ll get back to it next week.”

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