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New Delhi: Hundreds of students in Physical Training Class 9 (PT) at a local school were puzzled when asked to answer an exam question on: “Who is the girlfriend of Virat Kohli? “.

The question also came up with three useful options, the names of movie actresses: Priyanka (Chopra), Anushka (Sharma) or Deepika (Padukone).

A leaked copy of the quiz from Chacha Nehru Hindi High School in the town of Bhiwandi has gone viral on social media, with many questioning the relevance of a Bollywood cricket star’s personal life during a school exam.

The annual exam was hosted on October 13 by the school and the question was in the objective section, as Q.No. 1 (B).

Despite repeated attempts, school authorities were not available for comment on this matter.

However, while speaking to local TV stations, the school principal, AR Pandey, handed responsibility for the blunder to the PT teacher, who allegedly prepared the copy of the exam.

The manager admitted that the error went “unnoticed”, but did not specify any corrective action for the same.

Parents are now worried about whether students who tried it and got the wrong answer would be compensated or not, since the question was not in the curriculum.

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