NEWSPORT DAILY-Free school supplies for over 100 local students


“Especially with the job losses associated with Covid-19 and through our emergency relief program, we have been able to identify the growing trend of families having to choose between paying their bills or getting their children ready for school.

“It’s a decision no family should have to make, so we thought we’d do whatever we could to help ease that stress.

“We were able to help a wide range of families, for example a single mother with three children. All three children needed new uniforms, as well as their book lists and new shoes. We were able to help them buy everything they needed, which enabled her to cover her household bills and buy food for lunch boxes. »

Local businesses

For easy access to service and supplies, Mossman Support Services reached out to local businesses and schools. “We were able to partner with local businesses to launch the program, streamlining the process to engage Mossman Newsagency, Mensland and local schools to access service and supplies while keeping businesses local.

“Mossman Newsagency worked with us to develop a very effective voucher program to ensure that all families got their book lists filled without difficulty. Mensland at Mossman was able to pool uniforms for students, again using a voucher program.

Ms. Mast said Mossman Support Services would like to restart the program, but that will depend on the availability of funds in the future.

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