NP School Department Seeks Community Feedback | News


NORTH PROVIDENCE — The North Providence School Department is conducting a survey to gather community feedback that will help shape facility improvements over the next five years.

Community input is a requirement of the state’s five-year capital planning process. The district-wide survey will help inform school department decisions about improving school facilities.

Does the district adequately meet the social and emotional needs of students? Does North Providence engage students in a way that keeps them interested in school? Are students prepared for real-world opportunities?

These are some of the questions asked in the survey, which will be open to parents, students, staff and all other members of the North Providence community through June 27.

Participants are asked to rate the academic department in various areas on a scale of one to four, or poor to excellent.

Topics include: school facilities, from classrooms to playgrounds; the overall quality of education and instruction in North Providence; extracurricular activities and athletics; college and career readiness; integrating technology into the curriculum and responding to student needs.

Participants will also identify the skills they believe are most essential for students to develop in order to succeed in life, and will have the opportunity to rank the guiding principles of the district, which are: equity, reflection of community values , future readiness, sustainability, a “small school feel with great school pride”, the school as a community resource, and schools that are “warm, safe and inviting”.

The survey also asks specific questions about the district’s response to various challenges and its ability to meet certain needs. At the end, participants have the opportunity to write an open-ended response, if they wish to add anything else.

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