Old-fashioned activities for church services the congregation will enjoy

Looking to spice up your church services but don’t know where to start? These old school activities for church services are great because they provide fun and value to your congregation. These are ideal activities for religious services. And the best part? They are mostly free or very cheap. So choose your favorites and add some fun to your next church service.

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Here are some tried-and-true fun activities to do at church that your congregation will enjoy. Whether you use them at every service or only occasionally, they are sure to bring smiles and laughter to your church members.

fun activities for church

The church should offer more than just a Sunday morning conference. There are a lot of old school ideas that people would like to do in church.

For example, spend some time singing and praying, tell Bible stories, learn what it means to be a Christian and how to pray, or play games like bingo or cards. These are all ways that could make church less boring and more enjoyable. Here are some other things the congregation can do:

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  • Read aloud favorite Bible stories
  • Memorize Scriptures Together
  • Sing songs of praise and songs of worship
  • Play instruments together
  • Pray together in small groups

There are also other creative church service ideas. Churches can organize potluck dinners and bring their food for communion afterwards. They can also offer babysitting services during the service so that parents can participate, which will keep them coming back because they know their children are being taken care of during their stay. There’s no reason to get bored at church with these simple activities.

What activities can young people do at church?

There are many things young people can do in church. They can:

  • lead worship
  • read the scriptures
  • teach a class
  • Organize food drives and service projects
  • Gather the troops and plan a social event
  • Have fun with friends
  • Organize community events

Young people have many opportunities to get involved in the life of their church. Whatever activity they choose, the ultimate goal is to bring glory to God by living their faith in a practical way.

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Examples of Church Activities for Children

outdoor church event ideas
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Gather the children in a small group. If they are shy, they will feel less intimidated in a group of other children their age. Bring them into the meeting room before the service starts and give them coloring pages or activity sheets.

Have games on hand, like a scavenger hunt or drawing contest where they can win prizes or a special snack. If they are feeling talkative, this is also a good time to teach them what you believe in and how you worship God.

For example, try telling them that Jesus loved people enough to die on the cross for their sins so they could live with him forever in heaven.

Outdoor Church Event Ideas

Whether as part of a service, a Sunday school program, or on its own, an outdoor event is a fun way to bring your church to life. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

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Light up your room with string lights

This can be done in preparation for the event by setting them up in advance and adding extra strands during the event. You can also use the string lights in other areas that may not have electrical outlets available.

For example, they can be used to mark out aisles or wrap around posts where food will be served. If there are trees near the entrance, they can be draped over branches to create a magical atmosphere. Another option is to hang them from structures such as buildings and bridges.

Set up activities

You can set up activities such as make-up tables, kite stations, crafts and games for children, carnival booths or inflatables. It’s great for getting the kids involved. For example, make-up stations should include paint pens, so attendees don’t have to worry about washing their hands afterwards.

You can also include string art as it is a great activity for all ages, especially children who may need help cutting out the shapes. Finally, decorate bags or boxes with tissue paper and crayons so everyone has something to take home after the event.

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It is important that someone supervises these activities, as they can quickly become chaotic if left unsupervised.

Create a crafting area for people to work on projects while socializing

Let people know what materials will be provided and what supplies they will need to bring. Then, give them plenty of time to prepare.

Be sure to provide enough space for all the items needed to complete each project. Are containers labeled so guests know which items go together? Provide instruction sheets detailing how each project is completed.

To eat together

Provide food like hot dogs, chips, fruit cups, bottled water, and sodas. For dessert, offer freshly baked pies, fruit pies or bite-size cookies individually wrapped with cellophane and tied with ribbon bows – the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon event.

Others include:

Ask for volunteers to come dressed in old-fashioned clothes. It’s always fun to see volunteers dressed differently than usual.

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Play oldies music that gets people moving and singing.

Parish activities for adults

creative church service ideas
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Keep your old-school congregational activities fun and inclusive. Here are some ideas for interactive adult worship services you may want to consider:

  • Install an arcade with games from all eras. Challenge participants to play as many rounds as possible in a given time period.
  • Organize a lunch break activity with friendly competitions between teams.
  • Set up an application game on an overhead projector, like Battleship or Connect Four, where two players play against each other without speaking.
  • Play an intense game of Jenga at each small group meeting. Play a game of Twister while listening to worship music.

For Christmas

Ask everyone to sit in chairs and give them numbered balls to throw at their chair. If it lands on a number, then that person is eliminated until there is one person left who has not yet been eliminated.

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At Easter brunch

Ask people to sit in chairs facing each other and pull slips of paper into a bowl. The first person pulls out their sheet of paper and reads it aloud before passing it to the next person sitting across from them.

When they have finished reading it, the second person reads theirs aloud before passing it on. When the last person has finished reading theirs, they read aloud what is written inside, so everyone knows what is going on. The piece of paper that says Easter Bunny wins a prize.

What are good church activities?

There are many ways to innovate in your church service. Some great things that are always a crowd pleaser are games, karaoke, and child participation.

Then, of course, you can’t forget about instrument-guided praise and worship or singing along to a good song. Church members like to see new faces, so encourage people to invite friends they don’t usually see.

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How can I make my church more interesting?

Exciting and new ideas are great, but sometimes people want to keep things traditional. Staying true to tradition can also be very rewarding. There are many things you can do to make your church service more interesting without deviating from its core values.

Singing is a favorite way to worship God – there’s nothing like everyone singing together at the top of their voices. Try to play music that everyone knows and likes.

Old-school activities are a great way to create new memories and have a good time. Members of the congregation will love these memorable events. If you’re looking for exciting ways to give your church services an update, start by adding some fun old-school activities. You’ll be glad you did.

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