Parenting Bites: Using a Study Plan for Primary School Exam Review


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“If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.” These are words many of us have heard. As with many things in life, planning for school exam review can facilitate a more efficient and productive process. Parents want their child to succeed, perhaps a better goal is to encourage good study habits that will result in a desirable work ethic for life.

Schools generally distribute school essentials at the beginning of the year. Note important dates and check it out as it will contain all the information you need to prepare for assessments and exams.

Why Making a Primary School Exam Revision Study Plan Is Important

1. Planning helps you identify relevant topics

Why Making a Primary School Exam Revision Study Plan Is Important

Knowing what needs to be revised will make the process more productive and efficient. Writing everything down lets you know how much remains to be done.

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2. Planning highlights areas that need more work

Areas that need more work – based on past assignments, assessments or teacher feedback, should be highlighted in the study plan. This gives parent and child more perspective on what needs more time and effort.

3. Planning gives a good overview of timing and progress

Since we have limited time and resources, scheduling the exam review gives a good overview of progress and timing. Working with what we have and pacing the child is far better than last-minute cramming.

4. Planning gives the child ownership

This is an opportunity to give the child ownership of their own exam review. Yes, it is a great opportunity to teach the child to own it. Parents often do a lot of what the child can do, including planning for review. Your child should write the plan, with your help to check, set goals, determine if it is practical, and perhaps offer some advice based on experience.

5. Planning is a life skill

There might be a lot of hiccups when the child understands exam preparation and exam skills. Planning is a life skill that takes a lot of practice. Therefore, we can equip our child with important life skills that will allow him to plan for other important obstacles in the future.

Components of a study plan for reviewing primary school exams

There should be a few essential elements in the study plan, including:

  • Matter
  • Important assessment dates: when the next assessment or exam will take place, the type of tests, whether oral, written, MCQ
  • Themes tested
  • Goals and targets
  • Schedule and plan, with remarks

After writing down the main thing and checking its correctness, stick it on the wall so that it is visible. Checkboxes can also be included so that the child can check off completed items. It gives a sense of accomplishment and encourages accountability.

Download Little Day Out’s Printable Study Plan Template

Download Little Day Out's Printable Study Plan Template

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