Philadelphia area consumers to spend nearly $ 800 per student on school supplies: survey

WILLOW GROVE, Pa. (WPVI) – The Philadelphia area is expected to spend 30% more than the national average on school supplies, mostly due to the cost of electronics, according to a new survey from Deloitte, a company that tracks the markets .

Laptops are among the most popular items this year and are garnering a lot of interest.

“What I’m going to ask them is what kind of smartphone they use to link it together if they want to go with a MacBook, Windows computer, or even a Chromebook,” said Stephen Mauro, director of specialty sales at Best Buy. in Willow Grove.

Mauro said Macs are good at doing a lot of work with long battery life on products that last for a long time.

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“If you know the iPhone, then it’s very similar. All the icons look the same,” Mauro said.

Then there are Windows products that help users work on the go.

“This one is the Surface Book 3. The coolest thing about this one is that the actual keyboard disconnects from the screen itself. From there you basically have a tablet,” Mauro said.

Google’s Chromebooks offer similar versatility.

“It has this mode where you can actually afford to support it. You can set it up to watch a video or a movie,” Mauro said.

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Deloitte survey shows electronics are driving up costs for Philadelphia-area families.

“Greater Philadelphia shoppers are actually spending 59% more than last year and that’s an average spend of $ 799 per student, which is a lot for parents,” said Jenna Pogorzelski, retail specialist. at Deloitte.

A few cheaper options when looking to buy electronics include purchasing models from the previous year or reviewing refurbished products that have been returned and repaired for resale.

These options often allow reduced prices of several hundred dollars on certain products.

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