Plymouth school department pay error affects more than 1,300 employees



Instead of receiving their paychecks on Friday, employees at Plymouth public schools who receive their pay by direct deposit found that the amount they were supposed to have been paid had been withdrawn from their bank accounts.

In an email to all school employees sent out Friday afternoon and shared with, Plymouth Schools Superintendent Dr Gary E. Maestas said the problem was caused by an error human and discovered on Friday morning. The school department is working with the financial director and the city of Plymouth treasurer to resolve the issue, and several banks agreed to correct the error today, the superintendent said.

Maestas said other banks, including Bank of America, Citizens Bank and Santander, refused to make corrections until Monday, the next business day.

Nasty local plymouth reported that the error affected more than 1,300 employees, some of whom were also furious to discover the errors through their banks, not the department’s general call system:

“I first heard from my bank a notification that my account was below a certain level,” said a teacher, who wished to remain anonymous. “With my mortgage coming out the first of the year and more bills to pay, I’m basically in the red by several thousand dollars. “

“Then later I got a call from a friend telling me I’d better check my email. And there was an email from the superintendent, ” the teacher added.

The mistake came at a time – just a day after Christmas, when many are still traveling, and near the first of the month – when many could take the hit on their particularly hard bank accounts.

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